Chart - Expectations (Alternative to rules)

Lesson Expectations

·       Have your book & pencil ready to go.
·       Sit on the chair at the desk.
·       LISTEN carefully to lesson.
·       At the end of lesson tell Supervisor you homework & write it on your planner.
·       Complete your homework before the start of your next lesson.

Desk Expectations

·        SHARP pencils are a must.  Have 3 pencils at your desk ready to go at the start of the day OR use a pacer pencil
·        Talk to me in a normal voice and speak clearly.
·        Sit at your desk in the correct manner.
·        If you want to get out of your seat please ask.

End of The Day
·     Desk MUST be totally clean and tidy of all items
·     Work Trays should have all work tidily arranged inside and not just shoved in.
·     Under and around Desk area needs to be clean of rubbish and other items

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