Chatter 29 August 2012: Assiting the child

Unleash Two...

How much assistance is too much when completing send in tasks?
With the new curriculum (QLD) there is a higher standard expected in quality of work and ICT skills, if we don't model and assist How do we expect them to know and be familiar with the standards required?

Chatter 29 August 2012: Frustrating moments

Unleash Seven...

What has been the most frustrating thing or moment in the schoolroom this week? How did you fix it?

mr 9 looks ahead and counts pages then throws a tantrum because it is to much get his mum involved because I was not able to handle him

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Chatter 15 August 2012: Deceiving Jobs

Unleash Seven...

How do you deal with employers who weren't entirely truthful? They advertised themselves as people who would welcome you into their family and spoke to you many times quelling your fears about being isolated, but when you got there they had lied and you weren't invited to any dinners, couldn't stay for lunch and had to go home straight after school. No one but you and the family on the station. How would you cope? What would you do? 

Chatter 15 August 2012: Classroom Equipment

Unleash Six...

What is the best piece of equipment in your schoolroom? Looking for nifty piece that work in teaching.

Chatter 15 August 2012: Favourite Education Shopping Sites

Unleash Five...

What are you favourite schoolroom shopping websites? Looking to buy school supplies of all sorts. Trying to develop a list for our local school

Chatter 15 August 2012: Coping with C2C?

Unleash Four...

How are all the other QLDers coping with the C2C system? Does anyone have any good tips?

Chatter 15 August 2012: Resume Writing Advice

Unleash Three...

I am writing up my resume and cover letter. What sort of things are important for an outback employer to know? I have come to realise that governessing is not just a job it is a whole lot more so an ordinary resume won't do.

Chatter 15 August 2012: Funniest Moments

Unleash Two...

What is the funniest thing you have heard come out of your childs mouth or funniest moment? I need a good laugh tonight as it has been a long week or crazy.

Chatter 15 August 2012: Stubborn Kids

Unleash One...

Needing some help, my governess and I are finding it really hard to get through to my 6 yr old daughter. She's not trying and gets to a point that if she doesn't want to do something she just flat out refuses to do it. Don't know how to get around this so any help would be appreciated

Chatter 1 August 2012: Job Applications

Unleash Five…

I get frustrated when I email an applicant and they don’t respond to say they are interested in finding out more about my position or not. What should I do to make it easier and more comfortable for you to answer? Is it the sheer number of job offers? How can I make mine stand out? What makes a job more attractive? PS thanks for all the maths websites the other week, the kids love the new ones :)

Chatter 1 August 2012: School events and govies

Unleash Four…

This maybe silly but what sort of school events will I have to attend as a governess? What sort of things can happen at these events? Are they fun? Should I be with the kids? I start governessing in 4 weeks and am excited and nervous all at once.

Chatter 1 August 2012: Approaching Experienced Goveys

Unleash Three…

As an employer when is it okay to approach experienced governesses about next years job? I don’t want to offend their current employers. Are there any protocols or etiquette to follow?

Chatter 1 August 2012: Moving on or Staying

Unleash Two…

As the end of term gets closer my employer has asked me to think about if I want to come back next year. I feel privileged that they asked but how do I politely let them know I think I want to move on? When should I do this? I love this job but want to experience other situations.

Chatter 1 August 2012: Sports and Games

Unleash One…

Sport and games for two.  My student is in Year Six and obviously we are unmatched in size and ability. I find it hard to be creative with physical things to do with just the two of us. Thanks in advance for the ideas.

Ideas from Legune Schoolroom

I saw these inspiration pictures through a remote and rural woman's group.  A proud mother was showing off her daughters amazing schoolroom.

I am please to be able to share these wonderful pictures to help inspire you in your schoolroom.