Chatter 15 August 2012: Funniest Moments

Unleash Two...

What is the funniest thing you have heard come out of your childs mouth or funniest moment? I need a good laugh tonight as it has been a long week or crazy.

We were making peanut butter sandwiches. Miss five referred to it as "penis-butter". Oh dear... :-)

My child once went to ask me something and instead of saying my name he went through the names of everyone on the station and then some of the animals before finally getting to my name. 
He was a little embarrassed but I saw the funny side

Tonight the 2yo here actually called a family friend into the lounge room where there are mattresses on the floor, asked him to read a story, help with the blankets, turn off the lights then told him to please leave the room. We were laughing like crazy. She actually put herself to bed because a few minutes later she was sound asleep.

Preschooler (on huge Brahman station): Dad would you ever work on a small farm?
Dad: oh. Maybe an ant farm.
Preschooler: But how would you preg test them?


too many!!!! But some that stand out...when I was nannying 5 yr old triplet girls, one of the girls got in the way of the other and the first one told the other one to 'get the f*** out of my way...' I was impressed that she used it in context...

I love it when they talk in context LOL

and another, we had german backpackers here the other day with a baby and my year 2 student was telling the class on air about them when one of the other kids asked what colour the baby was...Year 2 got the funniest look on her face and said in an are-you-serious voice 'white, like the rest of us' Made me laugh

I'd never seen a wild pig, and when we went to the show the boy I teach went to the petting zoo and said 'see this is what a pig is!!!'.

I got asked what I ate when the dinosaurs were alive. I was 17 at the time

we had a year 1 come to school for a few months and she tole my girls she was 3 metres ahead in her school work (3 days ahead she meant), my girls and I had a little giggle in our heads and just said, wow that wonderful, you must work really hard. We didn't want to destroy her confidence.

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