Chatter 15 August 2012: Deceiving Jobs

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How do you deal with employers who weren't entirely truthful? They advertised themselves as people who would welcome you into their family and spoke to you many times quelling your fears about being isolated, but when you got there they had lied and you weren't invited to any dinners, couldn't stay for lunch and had to go home straight after school. No one but you and the family on the station. How would you cope? What would you do? 

This also would be the same for governesses who aren't truthful at applying for a job, so advice for both would be appreciated.

I spend a lot of time on FB and social media. I cook for myself a lot in the last couple of years so am use to typing and eating. I must admit I have never felt unwelcome in the last couple of years. 

I do encourage govie to message or email my website because I can encourage employers to be honest in job descriptions.

If you don't have a car it would be hard but I get out on the weekends when you have a low contact job.

I wouldn't stay. You don't have to be unhappy, there are lots of employers who are more friendly if that's what you're after.

I wouldn't cope! You poor thing! I live in isolation and there's only me and the kids as my partner works away - I'm only 40 k from town but $$$ makes it hard to travel in more than once a week. Make use of the internet, keep social lines open and honestly if I were in your position, I would leave because I fully appreciate how difficult the situation is and how isolated and alone and unappreciated you must feel.
Have you brought this situation to the attention of your employers? Open the lines of communication with them and discuss it. Are they saying you can't attend lunches and dinners or have they not invited you because the understanding was you were invited in the first instance and maybe you're too shy to accept te offer?

You need to communicate your concerns with your employer. I'm sure they will appreciate your honesty and understand where you're coming from. It could be a simple misunderstanding, a communication breakdown or something more. You won't know unless you say so.

With regard to a governess that wasn't truthful on their application, as an employer I would be rathe upset because this is a person entrusted with te care of children, and for me personally, honesty is everything. It would be a deal breaker if it was genuine dishonesty. A miscommunication could be worked out.

Sometime personalities don't click, have the govie make an effort to ask if assistance is needed to help with preparation of those meals, too many times as a boss I've worked long days to only come home to prepare dinner and home tutor only turns up when ready to eat. It may not be paid time but be sure to make an effort on both sides to find a compromise. Don't be too quick to bail out as it will only create more ill filling.

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