Chatter 1 August 2012: School events and govies

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This maybe silly but what sort of school events will I have to attend as a governess? What sort of things can happen at these events? Are they fun? Should I be with the kids? I start governessing in 4 weeks and am excited and nervous all at once.

My favourite at our school is minischool. These are several days where you stay usually in the quarters of a school family and do activities. All the parents and govies pitch in and help with catering. Campfire at night. Staying in tents, etc. Lots of fun and maybe even a drink or two with your mates

Minischool and integration days were the main ones for us. Minischool happened once a term with one big one where both campuses united for the week and the other three just our campus. Governesses spent the day helping in the kitchen, catching up, sleeping (since they were long days and some governesses had sole care for their charges for the full three days) and preparing for evening events (fancy dress disco and the Minute to Win It night were definitely highlights). Integration days happened every second week for those who could make it into town. We dropped our charges at the school in the morning then usually went to have a coffee with the other governesses, ran errands, checked on charges at lunchtime and then had lunch out together. Both super fun experiences!

Depends on which state you are in and your employers... I always went into town when we had inschools but was only ever required if the mum wasn't able to, they treated it as family time and I had my own time. Whereas a lot of the other girls did everything with the kids as their families needed them to.

It depends on the school. With Katherine School of the air we had minischools, inschool, school camp and swim week. Minischools were when all the kids from an area got together and camped for the week and did group activities, sport and socialisation. Inschool is in Katherine and the kids go to school in a classroom with their year level and mums do a home tutor conference. School camp is usually at Batchelor, near Darwin, absolutely gorgeous place to camp!! Usually coinciding with Naplan tests... bugger, and lots of socialisation. Then swim week is 5 mornings of swimming, some afternoon and night social activities and thursday night is school concert/awards night. As for whether you would attend, that would be upt o your employer, but most come and some bring the kids on their own or have the kids while the mum is shopping, etc, pretty individual really. They are fun events, if you want them to be fun. Your employer will/should tell you if you will be with the kids. Some of our events are everyone in in this fine weather and others are the home tutors sit back and do other stuff/relax etc and the teachers take the kids.

It really depends on the school. We have minischool once a year for each year level where we go in to school for the week and the kids do school with theirteacher and classmates. We always have a great time and pitching in to help with anything at these is always a good idea. We also have cluster each term where teachers come out to a town closer to the families, I think our school goes to 5 places. These are fun for the kids as they do school with all the kids from their area. It is a great chance to catch up with everyone and there is usually information sessions for govies and parents for part of the day. We also have sports skills, swimming skills, sports day, swimming carnival, cultural camp among other events. At the beginning of the year we have a Home Tutor workshop for a couple of days to cover anything that is worrying people and as an introduction to those that are new. The school often organise speakers to come to the school, meanwhile the kids do school with their teachers. At the end of the year we have a presentation night and BBQ. There is also often a market or something similar during the year. We have also in the past had workshops on a Friday once a term for govies so that we can talk about new work and problems and then we spend the weekend socialising. Every school event is very social and always a lot of fun.

SOTA (of which there is finally another govie!!) has a 3 day mini school each term; there is usually 1 - 2 full days of training included for the govies/mums, and the rest of the time is spent lunching and running errands. At events like these the govie is expected to participate in the training, join in the lunching if she likes and look after the kids when necessary after school. Other than that you have free time, and can spend it with your family or doing whatever you choose. At events like swimming and sport carnivals you are usually expected to go in with the family and help/cheer.

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