Chatter 1 August 2012: Approaching Experienced Goveys

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As an employer when is it okay to approach experienced governesses about next years job? I don’t want to offend their current employers. Are there any protocols or etiquette to follow?

I would have thought Aug onwards would be okay. A lot of people advertise sept onwards I believe. 

I encourage families to get their job positions up in September and October as that is when I start concentrated advertising.

There is no harm in asking!!

I am the same but as governess I dont know when i should start looking for a new job, my current job is already being advertised though as my employer knows I would like to move on next year.

I have been a governess or 3 years with the same family and in the Kimberlys labeled as hot governess property as my child is off the boarding school. I have been getting offers since February this year. I've had over 15 offers already. I am up front and tell my current employer everything. I've made no decisions yet. I think there is not harm in asking. And it's up to the governess to keep the current family informed. 

Oh gosh - I ahven't even thought about next year yet!! Better get cracking...

first I'd find out if they plan on leaving the job they have ... I know I was approached in the last term of last year and I was flattered that I was thought of but I had committed to stay where I was and happy with that. I know mums that are asking the govies now or letting it know that they are looking.

Only haldway through the year keep enjoying and don't worry. Your bosses will let you know when they want a decision. But if you do know you want to go then let them know.

We have always found our own governesses with no experience.

Last year I had offers from March onwards ended up with about 11 offers. Having this happen I felt obliged to commit early and although I am happy with my job.. those extra few months would have been good as I decided I would have prefered to move away.

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