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"The only person who is educated is the one who has learned
how to learn and change."
Carl Rogers

"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think."



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Tudor House Scholarships

An amazing 30 awards have been made available at Tudor House School for 2013 and beyond, thanks to the generosity of a benefactor who strongly supports the holistic education and unique offerings at the school.

Following recent media activity on the benefits of boys-only education and the importance of allowing diversity in the education landscape with Tudor House Headmaster, John Stewart, the school was approached by the benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, offering students from near and far the opportunity to explore their true potential and experience the wonders of the iconic boys-only primary school.

Mr Stewart was astounded at the generosity and philanthropy of the benefactor.

"I am humbled. For so long I have been vocal in the benefits we offer boys – our boys go on to be leaders in the Australian community. We had Malcolm Fraser return to join us a fortnight ago; he was an Old Tudorian. Ed Cowan contacted our Deputy after he scored his first international century; he is an Old Tudorian, too! This generous donation just opens our doors, providing the opportunity for more boys. Our whole community will benefit because that is the power of a quality education. We are preparing and nurturing the minds of future leaders," said Mr Stewart.

The 30 new awards at the school are available for both day and boarding students.

“Recipients of the scholarship will be selected based on their potential, their academic aptitude and the demonstration of abilities in other particular fields of school life, such as sport, music, drama or art relevant to the School’s educational offering,” added Mr Stewart.

Chatter 29 August 2012: Assiting the child

Unleash Two...

How much assistance is too much when completing send in tasks?
With the new curriculum (QLD) there is a higher standard expected in quality of work and ICT skills, if we don't model and assist How do we expect them to know and be familiar with the standards required?

Chatter 29 August 2012: Frustrating moments

Unleash Seven...

What has been the most frustrating thing or moment in the schoolroom this week? How did you fix it?

mr 9 looks ahead and counts pages then throws a tantrum because it is to much get his mum involved because I was not able to handle him

“This is your opportunity to UNLEASH your questions in a message to our page and UNLOAD and share your experience”

Chatter 15 August 2012: Deceiving Jobs

Unleash Seven...

How do you deal with employers who weren't entirely truthful? They advertised themselves as people who would welcome you into their family and spoke to you many times quelling your fears about being isolated, but when you got there they had lied and you weren't invited to any dinners, couldn't stay for lunch and had to go home straight after school. No one but you and the family on the station. How would you cope? What would you do? 

Chatter 15 August 2012: Classroom Equipment

Unleash Six...

What is the best piece of equipment in your schoolroom? Looking for nifty piece that work in teaching.

Chatter 15 August 2012: Favourite Education Shopping Sites

Unleash Five...

What are you favourite schoolroom shopping websites? Looking to buy school supplies of all sorts. Trying to develop a list for our local school

Chatter 15 August 2012: Coping with C2C?

Unleash Four...

How are all the other QLDers coping with the C2C system? Does anyone have any good tips?

Chatter 15 August 2012: Resume Writing Advice

Unleash Three...

I am writing up my resume and cover letter. What sort of things are important for an outback employer to know? I have come to realise that governessing is not just a job it is a whole lot more so an ordinary resume won't do.

Chatter 15 August 2012: Funniest Moments

Unleash Two...

What is the funniest thing you have heard come out of your childs mouth or funniest moment? I need a good laugh tonight as it has been a long week or crazy.

Chatter 15 August 2012: Stubborn Kids

Unleash One...

Needing some help, my governess and I are finding it really hard to get through to my 6 yr old daughter. She's not trying and gets to a point that if she doesn't want to do something she just flat out refuses to do it. Don't know how to get around this so any help would be appreciated

Chatter 1 August 2012: Job Applications

Unleash Five…

I get frustrated when I email an applicant and they don’t respond to say they are interested in finding out more about my position or not. What should I do to make it easier and more comfortable for you to answer? Is it the sheer number of job offers? How can I make mine stand out? What makes a job more attractive? PS thanks for all the maths websites the other week, the kids love the new ones :)

Chatter 1 August 2012: School events and govies

Unleash Four…

This maybe silly but what sort of school events will I have to attend as a governess? What sort of things can happen at these events? Are they fun? Should I be with the kids? I start governessing in 4 weeks and am excited and nervous all at once.

Chatter 1 August 2012: Approaching Experienced Goveys

Unleash Three…

As an employer when is it okay to approach experienced governesses about next years job? I don’t want to offend their current employers. Are there any protocols or etiquette to follow?

Chatter 1 August 2012: Moving on or Staying

Unleash Two…

As the end of term gets closer my employer has asked me to think about if I want to come back next year. I feel privileged that they asked but how do I politely let them know I think I want to move on? When should I do this? I love this job but want to experience other situations.

Chatter 1 August 2012: Sports and Games

Unleash One…

Sport and games for two.  My student is in Year Six and obviously we are unmatched in size and ability. I find it hard to be creative with physical things to do with just the two of us. Thanks in advance for the ideas.

Ideas from Legune Schoolroom

I saw these inspiration pictures through a remote and rural woman's group.  A proud mother was showing off her daughters amazing schoolroom.

I am please to be able to share these wonderful pictures to help inspire you in your schoolroom.

Managing Facebook Page tips

Understanding the Facebook Algorihm 


 Read this great article from STILLETTO MEDIA BLOG 

When I read this I realise many of my likers weren't seeing what I wanted to commicate.  My next step in the process was to thing how do I get around this.  Once again Facebook had the answer right there I just had to set it up.

Setting Up Facebook Interests Lists And Why

Facebook interest lists will mean never missing out a status from your favourite pages again.  

Read another great article from Stiletto Media and follow their steps.
Don't forget to add the list to your favourites on the left hand side menu.

Is this relevant to my personal profile

YES the algorithm is.  It is why you miss friends status's.  To get around this set up a FRIEND's List and add everyone from your friends list on it.  Click on this list and all your friends status's will come up.

More information

I am not going to get into the promote debate as I don't know much about it but I have added some links below to interesting articles which could be handy hints.

How to schedule Facebook posts - great for me who prepares everything often late at night

Chatter 26 July 2012: Maths websites

Chatter 26 July 2012: What to pack

Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Nine... farmwork

Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Seven... After school hours

Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Ten... Job Positions

Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Eight...

Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Six...

Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash One... Mulitage Classrooms

Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Two...independant kids

Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Three... talk the correct talk

Food and Meal Arrangements

A common discussion by employers is about food. For employees it is often a perk of living on a station, in some cases with isolation it is a very necessary perk.

All employers are in a different position as to what they can supply.

Unleash and Unload from the 18 July 2012

Unleash One.... What about Visas? Is a working holiday Visa suitable for this? I've tried to make sense of the Visa information on the government's website, but failed so far.

Unleash and Unload Q and A from 27 June 2012

Unleash One...

I'm 17 and I'm planning to become a govie next year. I'm finishing yr 12 this year but I'm not quite 18 yet so I'm probably best to wait until I am. 

This maybe a really stupid question but with the school work for the children do you guys get like assigned what sort of stuff you need to be teaching them?

 Is there any good advise you could give me with becoming a govie?

Unleash & Unload Chat Hour has began

Did you turn up Wednesday, 20th of June, 8.30pm EST for our FIRST ever Chat Hour?

We had 7 questions this week and it was fantastic.  People are still commenting and I think I will actually post the questions and responses in a blog post when I have some time.

So after the first session I then was full of ideas.  
  • I am going to ask people to send in questions on the days leading up.  
  • I will encourage not just govies but even Home Tutoring Mum's to participate.  The more people who give a perspective the better.

Unleash & Unload Q&A from 20 June 2012

Questions in bold font and the comments below


Good advice for new potential governesses. 

ALWAYS vet your families. ALWAYS check or ask for references from previous governesses and other employers.

Join Outback Govies fb group and make friends with other govies in your area. This will help give you a support network before arriving.

Yes we encourage this so the Govie has an understanding or the family and their life before they arrive; dont want them thinking its like TV!

Check referees should be a must for both Govie and Family. It is important both provide it. My family didn't have a governess before me but a girl who worked as a jillaroo provided a character reference and when I got in contact with some in a govie group online they raved about how great my family was and how I was going to love coming up to work on in the area with them. It was a great move.

Etiquette - At social events what is time off and what is not

At social events what is time off and what is not
When at social events (rodeos, etc.) this is normally considered a governesses time off, so don't assume that she is a full-time Nanny.  If you would like her to mind the kids for more than 30 minutes constant care, then let her know before what you expectations are.

I find when at events like this I am happy to help the kids find parents, buy drinks or little things if they come up and ask.  I also reprimand if they are doing something very dangerous.  But I don’t want them hanging around me, I would rather see them off with their own friends.  Anymore than this is working for me and I don’t drink when I work.

I enjoy employers who are upfront about expectations. I am willing to be flexible when the need arises.  It makes it a lot easier to know where I stand.  

Etiquette - The only people who understand are the ones in the same situation as you… but can you trust them to talk to

The only people who understand are the ones in the same situation as you… but can you trust them to talk to.
I worked out a long time ago about governessing, that the only ones who understand the situation and job is other people living in the same environment, doing the same job. 
You need to choose who you use as a sounding board carefully.  I have three trusted mates from one from high school and two from governessing.  I know they will listen while I bitch about my job, never repeat, never interfere but offer advice if they think I am ready to listen.  They also won’t tell my parents who would try and protect me. 
Choosing a person you have only know for a year can be difficult. 

Liebster Blog Award

I received this emailed comment from my blog a couple of weeks ago in an extremely busy time.  As the emails stacked up I forgot all about it until last night I started cleaning the old inbox out.

Etiquette: Every meal you are at the table always make an effort to pack up the table

Every meal you are at the table always make an effort to pack up the table
Many governesses have their own house and for a part of the time care for themselves.  When this is the case it is hard to gauge how much to help around the house.  My policy is for every meal I am at the table I always help setting or packing up the table.  I also make sure I take care of anything around my own cottage and schoolroom…I.E. watering and weeding garden, sweep paths, tidying up. 

Some Funnies for Farmers

I do try to stick to school and governess stuff BUT I have been finding these funny, interesting and slightly controversial articles on the internet and social media.

So the the outback community enjoy and share with friends.

This amused me no end. 

The kids laughed at this one and now the schoolroom has talking fruit.

A new way to go green and look after the environment.

Buying local something we would all love to do.

Chart - Expectations (Alternative to rules)

Lesson Expectations

·       Have your book & pencil ready to go.
·       Sit on the chair at the desk.
·       LISTEN carefully to lesson.
·       At the end of lesson tell Supervisor you homework & write it on your planner.
·       Complete your homework before the start of your next lesson.

Desk Expectations

·        SHARP pencils are a must.  Have 3 pencils at your desk ready to go at the start of the day OR use a pacer pencil
·        Talk to me in a normal voice and speak clearly.
·        Sit at your desk in the correct manner.
·        If you want to get out of your seat please ask.

End of The Day
·     Desk MUST be totally clean and tidy of all items
·     Work Trays should have all work tidily arranged inside and not just shoved in.
·     Under and around Desk area needs to be clean of rubbish and other items

Chart - Schoolroom Guide

Rules don't work in every schoolroom ... sometimes it needs a name change to be effective

Schoolroom Guide

Hands Up
Put your hand up when we are talking as a group.
Respect what others say.
Don't talk over the top of other people; they will indicate when they are finished talking.
Look interested in what they are saying. Behave appropriately at all times.
Be Patient!

Talk in Full Sentences
Ask a full question or give a full answer.

Don't ask : Where do I do it?
I Say: WHAT??????
You Say: Which page do I write my journal and where do I do my plan?

Respect and Honesty
Show respect for yourself, other students and property.
If you want to do something ask. Answers to questions can change.
If you want to know why then ask.
Accept the answer given.  Sometimes even adults don't have a choice about that.
Tell the truth, honesty is rewarded.
Always pay attention and remain on task.
Be cooperative.
Be on time, be on task, be prepared.

Always be your best and do your best.
Laughter can make the day go faster.


Important Advice for internet users

  • Privacy and security are real issues for internet users and social networking sites frequently change and update their policies to address this. Checking security settings is important to see if options have changed.

  • Users need to be careful who they accept as a ’friend’ on any social networking site.
    • Some people impersonate others or create whole new identities for themselves, either for fun or with malicious intent.
    • Some of these frauds are obvious while other imposters are well disguised.
    • Criminals may also obtain information from other sources, such as stolen mobile phones, enabling them to imitate real friends. They can then use access a social networking profile to gain more information and steal that user’s identity.

  • When somebody asks to be a friend on Facebook, users can check their identity by asking them to answer a question that only the real friend would know or go to their profile and look at their photo's to make sure you know them.

  • Users are advised to generally aim to keep private information private. This is especially important for users who have a large network of friends that they don’t know in the real world.

  • Children and young people are particularly tempted to build huge lists of friends and are less guarded about their privacy.

Parents can:
  • Set rules—make sure your child knows what information they can share or post online and which websites they can visit. Ask them to tell you before they post any personal
·         information online, including their full name, mum or dad’s name, their address or school. advise children to set profiles to private so that only people they want to see it can
·         Encourage children to think before they put anything online. Information posted online can be there indefinitely
·         encourage children to be careful when making new friends online—  they might not be who they say they are—and never arrange to meet an online friend unless a trusted adult is with them
·         report to the ACMA any material suspected of being prohibited
·         report abuse or inappropriate content to the website administrator and show children how to do this
·         Help your child to create screen names or IDs that do not communicate their gender,age, name or location.
  • Help your child understand that what they say and do online is important. Encourage your child to use the same manners, communicate with others in the same way and report others who aren’t being nice, just as they would in the offline world.
  • Advise your child not to respond to any negative messages and to report any negative messages they receive to you or another trusted adult.

Outback Grapevine - "The campfire for bush families"

Outback Grapevine
Facebook Group

"The campfire for bush families" 

The aim of Outback Grapevine is to support outback Australia and the families who have worked for generations to keep the life they love.

To support the women who run business on the side to keep the family at home on the station.

To support the bush Mum's and Dad's who juggles many roles while living and working on properties.

  •  Share advice on living and working on a station   Share recipes and housekeeping tips
  •  Share anything that makes outback and station life easier.
  •  Share how to keep the kids and partner inline
  •  Share advice on juggling school and station life
  •  Share and promote outback businesses, websites and pages
Just share and promote your business

Poem - In The Country By Lee-Anne Bright

In The Country

Home is where your heart is
Or so people keep telling me.
When I look into my heart
I can easily see
That my heart is in the country
The bush, the scrub
Whatever it maybe.

 I love the station life
The people who belong to it
The barking dogs
The utes and boots
And scruffy old hats
That’s the place where I’ll be

Riding on the horses
Or in a beaten up old ute
Out on a water run
Fixing fences and mending tanks
Doing the same things they did
When this life first begun.

Working at the dam
When the neighbours come around
Leaning on the fence
Or squatting on the ground
Talking of the prices
And how far they are down

This is the life I want to lead
Right in the heart
Of this unique land
That’s where I’ll be
Kelpie at my side
In the scrub, in the bush
In the country.

By Lee-Anne Bright

February 1998