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"The campfire for bush families" 

The aim of Outback Grapevine is to support outback Australia and the families who have worked for generations to keep the life they love.

To support the women who run business on the side to keep the family at home on the station.

To support the bush Mum's and Dad's who juggles many roles while living and working on properties.

  •  Share advice on living and working on a station   Share recipes and housekeeping tips
  •  Share anything that makes outback and station life easier.
  •  Share how to keep the kids and partner inline
  •  Share advice on juggling school and station life
  •  Share and promote outback businesses, websites and pages
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Poem - In The Country By Lee-Anne Bright

In The Country

Home is where your heart is
Or so people keep telling me.
When I look into my heart
I can easily see
That my heart is in the country
The bush, the scrub
Whatever it maybe.

 I love the station life
The people who belong to it
The barking dogs
The utes and boots
And scruffy old hats
That’s the place where I’ll be

Riding on the horses
Or in a beaten up old ute
Out on a water run
Fixing fences and mending tanks
Doing the same things they did
When this life first begun.

Working at the dam
When the neighbours come around
Leaning on the fence
Or squatting on the ground
Talking of the prices
And how far they are down

This is the life I want to lead
Right in the heart
Of this unique land
That’s where I’ll be
Kelpie at my side
In the scrub, in the bush
In the country.

By Lee-Anne Bright

February 1998