Unleash and Unload Q and A from 27 June 2012

Unleash One...

I'm 17 and I'm planning to become a govie next year. I'm finishing yr 12 this year but I'm not quite 18 yet so I'm probably best to wait until I am. 

This maybe a really stupid question but with the school work for the children do you guys get like assigned what sort of stuff you need to be teaching them?

 Is there any good advise you could give me with becoming a govie?

Unleash & Unload Chat Hour has began

Did you turn up Wednesday, 20th of June, 8.30pm EST for our FIRST ever Chat Hour?

We had 7 questions this week and it was fantastic.  People are still commenting and I think I will actually post the questions and responses in a blog post when I have some time.

So after the first session I then was full of ideas.  
  • I am going to ask people to send in questions on the days leading up.  
  • I will encourage not just govies but even Home Tutoring Mum's to participate.  The more people who give a perspective the better.

Unleash & Unload Q&A from 20 June 2012

Questions in bold font and the comments below


Good advice for new potential governesses. 

ALWAYS vet your families. ALWAYS check or ask for references from previous governesses and other employers.

Join Outback Govies fb group and make friends with other govies in your area. This will help give you a support network before arriving.

Yes we encourage this so the Govie has an understanding or the family and their life before they arrive; dont want them thinking its like TV!

Check referees should be a must for both Govie and Family. It is important both provide it. My family didn't have a governess before me but a girl who worked as a jillaroo provided a character reference and when I got in contact with some in a govie group online they raved about how great my family was and how I was going to love coming up to work on in the area with them. It was a great move.

Etiquette - At social events what is time off and what is not

At social events what is time off and what is not
When at social events (rodeos, etc.) this is normally considered a governesses time off, so don't assume that she is a full-time Nanny.  If you would like her to mind the kids for more than 30 minutes constant care, then let her know before what you expectations are.

I find when at events like this I am happy to help the kids find parents, buy drinks or little things if they come up and ask.  I also reprimand if they are doing something very dangerous.  But I don’t want them hanging around me, I would rather see them off with their own friends.  Anymore than this is working for me and I don’t drink when I work.

I enjoy employers who are upfront about expectations. I am willing to be flexible when the need arises.  It makes it a lot easier to know where I stand.  

Etiquette - The only people who understand are the ones in the same situation as you… but can you trust them to talk to

The only people who understand are the ones in the same situation as you… but can you trust them to talk to.
I worked out a long time ago about governessing, that the only ones who understand the situation and job is other people living in the same environment, doing the same job. 
You need to choose who you use as a sounding board carefully.  I have three trusted mates from one from high school and two from governessing.  I know they will listen while I bitch about my job, never repeat, never interfere but offer advice if they think I am ready to listen.  They also won’t tell my parents who would try and protect me. 
Choosing a person you have only know for a year can be difficult.