Chatter 15 August 2012: Resume Writing Advice

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I am writing up my resume and cover letter. What sort of things are important for an outback employer to know? I have come to realise that governessing is not just a job it is a whole lot more so an ordinary resume won't do.

Information about yourself and background. Not only will you be working for the family but living with and around them. You will know them on a professional and personal level.

I'd be interesred in answers to this one... after 15 years nannying and working in a childcare centre, I've just applied for my first outback govie job. I have a phone interview in the morning. Any tips would be appreciated.

I look for, Someone who is genuinely interested & passionate about kids and skills in that area. Not so much jilleroo type skill info as that's not the main focus

Flexible, easy going, positive, willing to learn, eager to try new things, keen to fit in with the family, have common sense.

Ability to expect the unexpected, lots of patience, stability and flexibility is a major key.

ABility to use your initiative and to chip in and help. Ability to think outside the square and innovate when necessary. Fun to be around, positivity and a sense of humour. Phone numbers for character references, rather than letters - OBVIOUSLY you are going to have good letters in a resume, but when you provide a phone number, employers can ask whatever questions they want.

not so much your resume but that you can reassure them that you can change a tyre and drive on dirt roads.... maybe more for the interview.

A genuine love and passion for all things children ... have had too many employee's that after a few weeks admit that they actually really don't like working with children !!!

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