Chatter 1 August 2012: Moving on or Staying

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As the end of term gets closer my employer has asked me to think about if I want to come back next year. I feel privileged that they asked but how do I politely let them know I think I want to move on? When should I do this? I love this job but want to experience other situations.

I gave a term's notice and that seemed to be about standard for the other governesses ending at the end of the year with our school that year.

If you have made up your mind to move on, your employer will look at you with respect........ firstly for giving them LOTS of notice and 2ndly for being so honest, enjoy your last term and leave on a positive note! Being open and honest and having good communication are the keys to a great working relationship :-)

Agree with the comments above. The more notice the easier it is for them to be organised to start advertising in the coming months.

Agree with above comments, let them know as soon as you've made up your mind and let them know how much u have enjoyed your time.. they will be understanding!

i think exactly how you said it, thank you and I feel priveleged that you have asked but I would like to experience other kids/places/people etc. Lots of notice is good, maybe the start of the last term you are planning to work until and work to the end of that term like you are staying for the next year, at least give them that courtesy too as you would like to be treated well until the end of the year. Be upfront and honest, it is best and people appreciate it.

My boss asked me in term 2 and I told her straight out that I would like to move on and see another state, she was fine with it and it has given her plenty of time to search for a new governess.

Yes, be flattered that they value you, but let her know you want to grow more, and that will give her plenty of time to find someone else. I would also try to keep a good govie, but there are not many who stay more than a year.

Share what you are thinking, be honest and even offer to help with the hunt for a new govie. Do it as soon as possible.

Thats lovely that they want you to come back, but if you dont, they need time to find someone else; so its polite to say thanks and that your flattered but want to do something else next year... Do not keep your employer hanging; honesty is the best policy!

Do you have notice periods in your contracts of employment? And agree be honest and let people know its good for everyone

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