Chatter 1 August 2012: Sports and Games

Unleash One…

Sport and games for two.  My student is in Year Six and obviously we are unmatched in size and ability. I find it hard to be creative with physical things to do with just the two of us. Thanks in advance for the ideas.

marbles..hopscotch..skippi​ on one​..French cricket..totem tennis :)

Badminton, yoga, handball (if you have a cement area), swimming (if you have somewhere to do it), going for a walk or a bike ride.

Bike ride, skipping (so many bush kids can't!) catching and throwing skills, kicking skills, walking, setting up athletics so running distances, speed, running through rope ladder things.
Oh! Skipping made me think - elastics are fun too =)

BRAINGYM!!! I swear by it, most amazing thing. Otherwise known as smart moves, I do it with my class everyday now that I'm in a classroom. Also go onto government websites for sport and find things there, plenty of resources for free

obstical courses ... fun games like beans, captain is coming things that get them moving.

Skipping was a hit when I brought skipping ropes back one time.

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