Chatter 1 August 2012: Job Applications

Unleash Five…

I get frustrated when I email an applicant and they don’t respond to say they are interested in finding out more about my position or not. What should I do to make it easier and more comfortable for you to answer? Is it the sheer number of job offers? How can I make mine stand out? What makes a job more attractive? PS thanks for all the maths websites the other week, the kids love the new ones :)

For job attractiveness - the biggest thing for me when I was looking at different families was the accommodation. I knew I would need space at the end of a working day so I was looking for families who could offer me a separate space (not in the main homestead though sharing with other workers would have been fine) with space to cook and a bathroom.

& for me I need my own Internet for uni (science/education). But mostly it's the stuff you can't make more attractive that are my criteria; location & grades/ages of children! I love seeing photos of the school room & accommodation etc though it definitely makes me read those jobs more thoroughly.

I am not sure you can make it any better for them to reply, it seems that people just don't, which is disappointing.

Yep - photos can be really important. Especially when seriously considering a job, it's very handy to be able to see the space you will be living in and know what you will want to take to make it your own. As for people not responding, I'm not too sure about that; at times I have held off replying for a couple of days if I'm waiting to hear from a different prospective employer, but that's it - I think it's only polite to respond either way. As for making it easier and more comfortable to answer, sometimes it can be really hard to start a dialogue when it feels like you're just talking about yourself. A few questions and perhaps sharing of some of your/your kids interests make it easier for me.

Someone said to me they had applicants who just want to write on their centrelink form that they had applied for a job. These people were never serious about the job at all. If this is happening I think it is really unfair.

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