Chatter 15 August 2012: Coping with C2C?

Unleash Four...

How are all the other QLDers coping with the C2C system? Does anyone have any good tips?

Be organised!!! It's so much more work than the old papers.... Don't get behind... It's hard to catch up haha

Modify them!!! There is no need to spend say 40mins on a lesson if you and your students get it earlier, that gives you time for taking it slow in other areas. You need to teach them in context, otherwise the learning is irrelevant and won't be meaningful to the kids.

Like B said, not that I am doing C2C, but with any lessons, if the child understand and grasps the concept and can demonstrate to you they understand, then move on before they get bored

If for instance there are two math or english lessons that have to same concept I combine them and modify them ... keeping ahead of the schedule and also gives you some freedom to have a sick day or the days that its just not working !!!

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