Managing Facebook Page tips

Understanding the Facebook Algorihm 


 Read this great article from STILLETTO MEDIA BLOG 

When I read this I realise many of my likers weren't seeing what I wanted to commicate.  My next step in the process was to thing how do I get around this.  Once again Facebook had the answer right there I just had to set it up.

Setting Up Facebook Interests Lists And Why

Facebook interest lists will mean never missing out a status from your favourite pages again.  

Read another great article from Stiletto Media and follow their steps.
Don't forget to add the list to your favourites on the left hand side menu.

Is this relevant to my personal profile

YES the algorithm is.  It is why you miss friends status's.  To get around this set up a FRIEND's List and add everyone from your friends list on it.  Click on this list and all your friends status's will come up.

More information

I am not going to get into the promote debate as I don't know much about it but I have added some links below to interesting articles which could be handy hints.

How to schedule Facebook posts - great for me who prepares everything often late at night

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A common discussion by employers is about food. For employees it is often a perk of living on a station, in some cases with isolation it is a very necessary perk.

All employers are in a different position as to what they can supply.

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