Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Seven... After school hours

Depends entirely on your bosses. Discuss on application.

I always did!! 

But must add, I loved it and it worked well.

Essentially it's up to the contract agreement at the beginning. The amount which you will, the times and the type of jobs out of school hours are all for discussion between you and the boss!

I only have to do it if something comes up, such as my boss needs to help in paddock and can't get back in time for end of school or it just isn't safe. My job was said to have after school care but I probably only do it once a fortnight

It depends on the job. Both my jobs it wasn't expected but I usually provided a fun activity for after school. If something comes up and the parents are out then yes I keep an eye the kids and make sure their normal routine things happen like jobs, dinner, etc. There have been some cases where I have looked after the kids over night as well but that isn't often. It comes down to what you and your bosses work out.

Like everyone has said, it should be discussed on application. Unless we are doing an extra art activity or a bit of extra sport (though it doesn't happen often), it is only on odd occasions I look after the kids. I'm usually asked as soon as they know they'll need me, and it can be for an hour while they're coming back from somewhere, or for a couple of nights. These don't happen too often, as my kids are older and usually head straight out to help Dad in the paddock

In a previous job I was expected to look after 3 kids under 6 for 1-2 weeks. At the time I was horrified but then came to treasure theses times as the kids and I would treat it as a big slumber party! I was caretaking as well though and exhusted after childcare, school and maintenance so be sure what is expected of you. 

A helpful govie is always appreciated and flexiblity in times of need is crucial; last year we had terrible bushfires and our govie at the time spent a week sleeping at our house, keeping the boys in routine and at school during the day. We made sure she had a friend come and stay with her at night for comfort and safety reasons. I also made food (casseroles, stews) when I could to feed her, the kids, bushfire volunteers etc It was a stressful time for my husband and I and we certainly appreciated her support!

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