Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Ten... Job Positions

Hours, pay, number of children and year level, job expectations outside of school, nearest towns, whether or not you get phone service, what landline and internet is available, if i see an advertisement and they mention they are social people is always appealing for me. Which school you go through. Type of accomodation
if you have other workers...

If the job is school only or extras. Mine is extras and I like it, but I hear of plenty others complaining about doing anything on top of school
Internet and phone is good. Not just if Internet is there, but is it an additional cost.
 Be upfront about jobs with afterschool activities and pay accordingly. I am happy to do extras if I know that they will be there when I take the job on. I hate taking a job when I'm told it is 8 to 4pm and my day actually does everyday of the week until 8.30pm. Good points everyone
what extra jobs are expected outside of the schoolroom, the pay, living conditions, letting your govie know what kind of support system there is (ie this fb group), the social life, if they can have a pet, if they need a vehicle, what clothes to bring, the discipline of the children, obviously what they need to do in the classroom. just to name a few

agree with above comments but also supply photos on your advert as it is appealing to see where you may be working. Ie: living quarters, school room (inside & out), the family + any other staff and a few other happy snaps. Also mention if a child has a learning problem which will need more attention or one on one time, (i loved the extra challenge and loved seeing their confidence grow)

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