Chatter 26 July 2012: What to pack

 good outfit to wear to the races or as after five wear

Jeans. Lots of Jeans. Work jeans, house jeans, going out jeans. Boots. Work boots going out boots. Shorts T-shirts and jumpers (depending on how far north you go). Nothing too fancy. Smart casual for the pub and maybe a races dress or two.

A cocktail dress (balls these days seem to just be dinners), nice clothes to wear to dinner and the pub, nice day clothes for when you visit the nearest town, and then dirty daggy shorts tshirts trackies jumpers and jeans for the station. And appropriate footwear and accessories for all the above!!

pluggers. they make good work shoes for a govie when its warm.

if your going inland don't forget a beanie- been a bit brisk this year!

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  1. Nothing that you mind getting dirty!
    Avoid fine white linen.
    Find out what water source the property has - if it's not on mains water then the 'clean' running water to your accomodation will not be that clean!
    Depends on where you go seasonal clothing wise so find out generally what temps are usual in that area. Nights can be very cold, even in summer so be aware.
    For summer clothing, pack light long sleeved shirts if you have any.
    You are also better off packing materials that breath well - cotton and the like, spandex is a no no.