Chatter 26 July 2012: Maths websites

Mathletics is a good one. Jarrod uses it at school. Not sure about the costs but it's great

You tube
Count me in too
Ict games. Com

These are a few of 100s I use everyday.

 My year 1 uses IXL

Cool Maths games is great they even use in main stream school fun I even enjoy it

Get him to invent a game with you, it'll be more meaningful and more fun. :)

Plus some simple things like singing the months and skipping (old fashioned but it works) play fish with cards - one with names and the other with words. Sometimes hands on resources can be better than the computer

Definately Mathletics. Its wonderful. You need a login code via school to the teacher and see if they can arrange for access.

Studyladder, if you have an ipad there are some great apps.

Definately Cool Maths Games

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  1. There are 2 websites I always find very helpful - maths is fun and study ladder.