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I don't think i'd consider that normal... every job is different though. And there are plenty out there so if you're not happy where you are. LEAVE! Because you'll easily get another.

Was it something that your boss talked about at the beginning of your job or in the job description? Are you being paid more for it?

We take it in turns cooking - I am the employer, and if I am really busy, our governess (who eats with us) offers to cook, and if I cook, she always does the dishes. We have no other workers, but 3 kids. We just make sure all of us are comfortable with any arrangement we have.

My boss cooks as the kids are fussy and she is trialing different recipes. But if like today she didn't get back to 6pm I had tea ready. Normally I do clean up throughout the day as I know she doesn't enjoy that and I can do it while they are doing teach, toilet, stories and bed 

I do and always have. But it's my job, I cook breakfast, all meals airing the day for the 4 kids, teach the two kids with the younger two in the room. I do washing, lawn mowing, chooks, dogs, poddy calves, watering, anything and everything around the house and house yard including ironing and toilet cleaning. I cook dinner each night (6/7 nights) and wash up after. I work 6am till after dinner. But, more importantly I love my job and the family I'm with. I also love my day off. Also if I want a longer weekend: I work a few Sundays in a row, so my job is also flexible. Saturday is amazing I get to do whatever is going on with the rest of the station. I'm the luckiest

Yep that's what it's like here, but that was discussed before I started. Generally as a rule the other workers should clean the kitchen if you cooked

Ah, no it's not 'normal.'

They will interpret that you're happy with the circumstances unless you speak up... 

Your being used as slave labour love! I hope your getting well paid.

You absolutely should let them know you are there for the kids. When we had Govvies, I expected them to help a bit in the kitchen, just as a family member would eg. cook a meal sometimes or wash up or put the dishes away, but not all of the above every day.

Only if that was what you were employed to do and get paid for otherwise you are being employed as the 'Mum' and that you are not, you are a govie. Helping out is fine in fact a great idea but slogging your guts out and burning out is not fine.

I had this situation last year.. at the time I wasn't sure what I was expected to do. I figured as long as the kids are the priority and cleaning, cooking, jumping in the yards or feeding poddies was second I was fine with it, but its up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

Crumbs, I am a bit stunned by some of the expectations of some employers! Some of the positions described sound more like "Mother's Helper/Nanny" jobs than Govie positions.. A govie is increasingly a professional role; needing a full commitment during the working week. I know different families have different expectations and its harder the more kids you have and also if there is little ones that are not at school yet.. but as the employer I do all the cooking when I am home and rarely does our govie had to cook an evening meal; only in a emergency! Same with washing; a govie has only ever put washing on if there has been an accident ie someone is sick and I am not around. So make sure there is a clear job description before starting!

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