Chatter 26 July 2012: Unleash Two...independant kids

Rewards/punishment system is good. You can tell a kid something a hundred times and they couldn't care less, until you put in a rewards/punishment system and then they do it first go. I find positive reinforcement works SUPER well.
Be persistant. If they need a work planner or list or activities to cross off then make one. Make them more aware of how long things should take to do. Time management is a big part but make sure they don't feel pressured and if it is taking them too ling then sometimes it is better to stop but talk to your teacher about this. When they ask a question make sure you don't give the answer. Some kids are just lazy or trying to trick you into giving answers.

Make lists for older kids so they can see what is expected for the day and how it is organized then make sure as they work through you keep tabs on them, sometimes seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is motivation. Also introduce it slowly eg. I am going to give you two minutes to work in this and see what you have done then stretch it out

Checklist works in our school room they love ticking off what they've done and they know the things they can do without your help. I guess to get to that stage get them opening the lessons on the computer, taking out their lessons and resources do when you sit down with them it's ready to go.
it is a maturity thing too I think
Sneaky subtleties. I have one who refuses to work unless i'm standing over the top of him. I started by getting him to do small things on his own and over the top praising and rewarding. At the moment he can manage to get through maybe a page of self learning questions with an occassional question giving me a bit of time to spend with the other. You must persist!!
Rewards (Bribery) whatever you want to call it; until it becomes a habit! Our boys love doing jobs when they are in the school room as it gives them a break from school work.

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