Etiquette: Flexible

Being flexible means if emergency situations or out of the normal situation occur then a governess or parent can do what needs to be done.   

It does not mean that the governess on a regular takes the clothes off the line or looks after the children for longer hours on a regular basis.  It does mean when mustering early the governess may step in a look after the kids in the morning. It may only happen in busy seasons such as mustering, marking, shearing, crutching, etc.  That is not considered regular.

The Rule:  If it happens more than twice a week then if is a regular part of the job.


  1. There is a fine line between helping out on occasion when needed and it being something that is expected. If you are like me and a compulsive helper then it is hard for what you do to not slip from one side to the other so sometimes I force myself to step back and not do it.

  2. As an employer, I always cringe when I'm away as my Dear Husband seems to think that just because our Au Pairs are all female that they should start doing Mum's jobs with the kids, meals, housework etc... instead of sticking with the roster and job description. It's so rude and the poor young girls don't think they can say "no" which is so unfair. It's an ingrained "bush attitude" in men I find.

  3. 'Dear Husbands' can make that assumption at times. Many of my bosses have explained what their menfolk are like at the start of my job. Heads up are a good thing.

    I cook for myself so while I will clean up at lunch smoko and lunch he has no choice at tea because I am not there.

    As a govie when the boss is away part of my flexibility is to help out when the menfolk are acting useless :)