Platinum Tips for Governessing - 31 to 60

Thanks to all those who contributed ... Would love to have comments, do you agree or disagree?

31.         Lamps - coloured globes in a lamp will help to keep the bugs from being attracted to your accommodation at night.
32.         Don't forget to pack a ball gown. You'd be surprised when you get to wear it...
33.         Don't take mail day for granted...
34.         If you're not from the country, don't dream up romantic illusions. Haven't come across a remotely handsome nice young male neighbour yet.
35.         Note: what you used to consider 'sexy' may change when out bush and a member of the opposite sex is few and far between!
36.         Communication is KEY! before you even start working with the kids, work out what they expect from you and what you expect from them... as long as everyone is clear about what they want/expect/accept from the start, there should be no problems!
37.         Make sure you're patient!
38.         Ambulance cover – that covers Flying Doctors (just in case) .  Flying doctors also run clinic days for you to see a GP.
39.         Is it essential to have a working with children's card to work as a govy.
40.         I know as a kid any backpacker who couldn't ride a horse ended up as my govy.
41.         Talk to your boss about who supplies what with your meals.... and if you can choose to look after yourself on weekends. 
42.         Don't eat over the house on a Sunday night after a weekend out if you have your own cooking facilities.... making conversation after a big weekend can be tiring.
43.         Don't get home on the weekend and tell your bosses gossip about other govies... what happens on a govie weekend should stay on the weekend.  Anyway gossip usually gets out without help.
44.         Get sunglasses to wear on the property (cheaper than your good ones) ... losing your $200 sunnies in the lake is not a great weekend camping.
45.         Alcohol is expensive in small country towns ... when you go home buy a couple of bottles of spirits at cheaper prices to take back on put in the cupboard until needed.  I decant mine out into smaller bottles to take in the car for weekends out.
46.         Remember it’s probably the business and private line so don’t clog it up.... remember you are running up someone else's bill.   
47.         Get your parents to call on a certain day/night all the time so that you and your bosses know that is the night they call and are expecting it ... or pray you have mobile service.
48.         Emergency no age specific birthday cards are need.  I also have 10 kids' books to give out as emergency presents...
49.         First trip to town with the boss, go and buy a broad brimmed hat if you don't have one.  Kids will help choose and won't hold back on telling you if it looks terrible.  Delightful little angels.
50.         NO WHITE clothes it turns pale brown after the first wash.   If you are lucky you will have rain water to wash in.
51.         Set up internet banking and phone banking.  Organise a credit card with a small limit to pay for things which you get posted to the property.  Get a spare key card to you account and give to your parents or someone you trust in town so they can buy stuff for you and post it out.
52.         Internet shopping is a killer in the bush.  It can become addictive and you will find you have no money to go out on the weekend.
53.         If you have a car, be prepared.  Most bosses will help you out but in the end it is yours to maintain ...carry a water bottle, oil, coolant, fan belt, fuel filter, If room 2 spare tyres.
54.         Fuel for the car will be more expensive and service stations further apart... Fill up at the last service station – Don’t forget.  Some bosses will provide some fuel.  Talk to them.  I always had my own jerry can which I left at the property full for my own emergency fuel.  If you have a Ute you can carry it.
55.         An UHF radio is a good idea. (And stickers and spot lights!)
56.         Join an auto association. (RAA, NRMA, RACQ, etc.) Get the plus or 2nd level member ship that cover 100km from town.  It may cost about $100 but it can be worth it.  Even if it is just to get the keys out of the car when you locked them in - LOL.  Get your parents to buy the membership as a Christmas present.
57.         Do up a couple of pages of photos of people at home.  I did them on white paper, laminated them and then could blue tack them anywhere.
58.         Invest in a nice sharp shovel and strategically place in easy access for when someone shouts "SNAKE"
59.         Never wear white on the trip to town OR have some overalls in the car.  Changing a flat tire in white clothes is never going to come out in the wash.
60.         A 5 minute conversation with the sexy pilot about cattle tracks on the airstrip may be the highlight of the week.

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