Guest Blog: A day in the life of By Lee-Anne

Welcome to our guest blog series of insights from governesses and nannies on stations sharing some of their outback station world.  

This story was written as part of a tongue in cheek series for the SA governess groups magazine the Govo Grapevine in 2003.  

*** GUEST BLOG ***

A Day In The Life Of ………….
7.10 Alarm trills.  Mind still asleep.  Well wishing anyway.  Turn off alarm

7.12 Briefly considered getting up.  Stupid idea.

7.15Grab remote control and turn on CD player.  Set sleep button
for 30 minutes.

7.45 Music turns off.  Swear briefly.  Damn it is time to get up.

8.00 Breaky completed, feeling human.  Millie (2 Y.O.) has talked her head off while I've been eating and Tanya (10 Y.O.) is brushing her teeth. Say good morning to my bosses.

8.05 Teeth brushed and computer on.  Checking emails.

8.30 Well the day starts as Tanya wanders in.  If she's singing she's happy if the outside door slams look out.

8.40 Assembly starts.  If I miss assembly my whole day gets out off kilter.  Tanya usually starts work while the messages are on in the background.

10.00 Break time.  Usually I go for a quick 15 minute walk up the flat to warm up and take in some rays.  Gets the blood pumping. Tanya usually tries to beat me on her bike.  Grab a hot Milo then head into the schoolroom.

10.30 Back to the grind.  Tanya continues working thru her list of work.  Slip in a card game on the computer if I have time.

12.10 LUNCH, Thank heavens I'm hungry.

1.10 Lunch is over all too quickly.  Lesson starts in 5 minutes. Quickly Login in and hope that we don't drop out again.

1.50 The teachers are going over time again.  Tanya and I are getting sick of lesson.  Tanya has sat properly all thru lesson.  I'll have to reward her for the good behaviour.

3.00 Schools OUT.  Thank heavens there are no meetings.  Do some
prep. for tomorrow.  Play my favourite game on the computer. Clean the bathroom.  CATS are fighting again.  Take to the big ginger bully with a broom.

5.00 Help my boss with tea be peeling the veggies.

5.30 Sit down in the old lounge and watch Neighbours,

7.00 Teas ready.  Pandemonium sweeps the kitchen as tea is being served and the kids are settling down,

8.00      Wash dishes and leave them to dry on the drainer, watch a bit more TV before I head on out to my room.  Get on the computer again,

10.30     Hop into bed and check to make sure the alarms on.  I sure hope the wind stops blowing as that piece of iron is stating to p*%$ me off.

by Lee-Anne Bright

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