Poem: No Other Way by Lee-Anne

Governessing is made of moments, good, bad and funny. I don’t think I’d change each experience for the world. I penned this while sitting in the Arkaroola schoolroom (2000) waiting for the kids to return. While enjoying my moments of peace.
No Other Way

On the weekends
I run a little room
Organised and neat
Tidy as can be

Everything has a place
And everything in its place
That's what I say
But that goes out the window
8.30 to 3.30 every weekday

This is the time
My tidy little room goes
From organised and neat
To a tidy little heap

For 5 days it's
'Could you pickup this please'
'Could you put that away'
If not those words
Then similar anyway

Here they come running    
From a half an hours play
Pulling things apart
Causing havoc to my dismay

On the weekends
I run a little room
Organised and neat
Tidy as can be
And I wouldn't want it any other way.
(Well not often)

By Lee-Anne Bright



  1. Love it ... so true.
    Chaos reigns when the kids are in school but seeing art supplies scattered, block towers in the middle of the floor and desks filled with paper in my mind shows it is a productive day ... it may not be neat but at least it shows we are here and that work is being done. Cleaning up ... that is what Fridays are for isn't it?

  2. Fridays, sometimes... Lately the kids and I have cleaned up and mopped on a Wednesday. We take a picture so that we know it is true.