Etiquette: In Home Carers are employed to care for the children

The meaning of In Home Carer is different than governess or nanny but can include these roles.
In Home Carers role is to help with anything to do with the children.
This may include
Ø       Providing them with games and activities, some of which are learning activities, at least one per day.
Ø       meal preparation – cooking with kids is a great learning activity
Ø       wash children's clothes (with care - not just overflow the washing machine with a week of washing)
Ø       cleaning and vacuuming areas the children are in (to a high standard - not just push toys under the bed)
Ø       bathing children (includes picking up bath toys, hang up towels, empty bath after children finish)
Ø       read to the children (at least one book a day)
Ø       Or any other task to do with the children’s care.
BUT be reasonable.  They are not the child's mother; they are just a carer who is responsible for those children within that time. You are paying for that responsibility; you are not employing a housekeeper. 
IF you want them to do more housekeeping (that is not child related) than childcare then pay accordingly.

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