Guest Blog : Allira's Day

Welcome to our guest blog series of insights from governesses and nannies on stations sharing some of their outback station world.  

This story was written as part of a tongue in cheek series for the SA governess groups magazine the Govo Grapevine in 2003.  

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Allira's Day
When I was a govo my day was a bit different

6:45 wake up, have shower

7 head over to the house for breakfast and coffee with family and other staff

7:30 back in school room organise stuff for the day

8:30 kids start sport

9 school day starts

both my kids had Centra lessons with their class teachers and Spanish teacher.

10:30 smoko

11 back inside

1pm lunch

2 back in

we usually had art twice a week which I always did in the afternoon.

I finished at 3:30,

cleaned the school room, did my own cleaning and washing, checked emails, cleaned up after the pet sheep. my kids mum was always there so I didn't have to watch them after school unless she was away or busy.

all govo positions are different, some bosses expect you to be with the kids all day and others just while school is on, hope that helps

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