Guest Blog : Sophie's Day

Welcome to our guest blog series of insights from governesses and nannies on stations sharing some of their outback station world.  

This story was written as part of a tongue in cheek series for the SA governess groups magazine the Govo Grapevine in 2003.  

*** GUEST BLOG  ***


This is just a quick insight on my day to day life. Some days are a little different that others but this is pretty much it for a weekday Hope it gives you a bit more info as to what goes on. I tutor a yr 6 boy 2 year 4 boys and a yr 2 girl.

5:00am Alarm goes off... wish I didn't have to get up yet......moon is still up.

5:15am Get up and turn music on and head for the shower maybe even a quick dip in the pool

5:30am I'm awake now... put on the washing on and a quick tidy up of my house

6:00am Turn the computer on and check emails while cooking a bit of breakfast, wash dishes

6:45am find all on air requirements for the day

7am hang washing out, water plants

7:15am head over to the main house say good morning and help out a bit with the kids brekki

7:25am round the kids up and head back over to my house to the school room.

7:30am School begins... we all try to get out our things and settle down for the morning.

8:30am Jesse's on air lesson

9:00am Riley's on air lesson

9:30am Macey's on air lesson (our phone is pretty choked in the morning)

10:00am Smoko at last... its been a while since brekki. Head over to the main house and russtle up some smoko for everyone.

10:30am back to school continue with our work. Calem's German lesson

11:00am Jesse's reading lesson

11:45am Calem's on air lesson

1:00pm Lunch time. Head over to the main house to make the kids and me some lunch.

1:30pm kids head outside to play, I clean up from lunch and go out and watch the kids playing

2:00pm School time again. Getting the last of everything done for the day. Macey's reading lesson also.

3:30pm time to pack the papers and books away and take out a reader for quite reading time for half an hour.

4:00pm school's out! quickly give the school room a sweep and a wipe down.

4:15pm head over to the main house to make some afternoon smoko for me and the kids.

4:30pm head outside to watch the kids play, or have a swim with them in the pool or take them for a drive on the property or a ride on
the horses.

5:30pm kids come in and just play in the yard or watch a bit of T.V, I make a start on dinner.

6:00pm kids do their jobs for the day. ( feed the chooks, cat and dog etc.)

6:15pm kids come in and have a bath and do their homework before dinner.

7:00pm my bosses usually get home about this time.

7:30pm Get kids up at the table and serve up the dinner.

8:00pm everybody is finished eating. Send kids off to clean their teeth and get ready for bed. Clean up mess from dinner stack the
dish washer.

8:15pm say goodnight to the kids and my bosses and head over tom my house. Work is finished for the day!

8:30pm turn on the T.V and watch something while I go through and correct the kids work from the day.

9:30 quickly check emails and might call family or friends from home.

10:00pm have a shower and head to bed!


  1. Wow that is a long day. The kids must love the play time with you.

  2. Great blog! We have some wonderful overseas Governess roles available -