Guest Blog: Miss Kathryn's Response

In response to Lee-Anne's script, I've done up a little one of my own- hope you find it interesting.

Miss Kathryn

  In response to your `day in the life of…' Lee-Anne, very amusing and I can totally sympathize with you!!

Day in the Life of Govie at Monkira
Monkira is halfway between Windorah and Bedourie-Sth West Qld

7.30am- Alarm goes off and I contemplate getting straight out of bed…
hmmm, I'll lie here for just a minute or two until my mind unfuzz's

7.55am- Over to the kitchen for brekky and check the emails before
work (no computer or phone in my schoolroom-but staff computer in
the kitchen which is next door). If I chose to get up at 5.50am-6am
(?????WHY!!!!) I could have brekky cooked for me by the station
cook, but that's ok, I treasure my sleep second to hardly anything,
so I'll put up with making my own brekky!

8.30am- Ty (7yo, Grade 2) wanders over (anytime between 8.30am and
9am actually! depending on his mood and how much he has convinced
his Mum and Dad that he doesn't want to go to school!) We start
Language and Math's set lessons until …..

9.30am- Over to the main house to get on the phone for `on air'
lesson with the teacher (this is every morning 9.30am for half hour,
7-8 kids in the class) I have been at Monkira for over a year and
the phone has NEVER been in the schoolroom, oh! But there is TALK of
it getting put in….sometime!! But never fear, it makes for a bit
of `out of schoolroom' time which can be nice.

10.00am- Lesson over, Ty tries to wheedle some play time, sometimes
he gets it if I need to discuss things with his Mum. Also, 9.30am is
usually the rest of the station having smoko, so Ty has his smoko
after his lesson at 10am approx.

10.30- Back into the schoolroom after talking with the Mum and Ty's
elongated smoko break if he's smart enough about it- he's a clever
one!! Back into the Language and Math's set papers, reading,
spelling tests until……..

12.30-Lunch- my favourite time! All the staff are usually in for
lunch unless out mustering or fencing, so we all have a chat/gossip
and at the moment Ty is learning to skip, soooooo, its all on
skipping competition between the head stockman and Ty….IN THE
KITCHEN!!!! All good fun.

1.30pm- Back into the schoolroom, more Language and Math's sets,
skipping practice (!), reading, paining, whatever it is that the
current unit is asking for.

4.00pm- Schools out! Ty is stoked, depending on his behaviour during
the day (or past days) he may earn a surprise from the prize box.

4.15pm- Check emails, study for uni (Teaching Degree), ride
horse….can vary immensely!

7.00pm- Dinner time in the kitchen, Cookie can cook from 7 to 20
people at any one meal time depending on what's going on and who's
around. We all watch Home and Away and comment on all the drama!!
Wash dishes, Ty tries Head stockman on for another skipping

7.30pm- Last time email check for the day, chat to the folks on the
phone if it's Monday…

8.00pm- retire to my quarters (separate to the rest of the staff)
and study, read, go to sleep!!

By Kathryn

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