In My Schoolroom…. Maths and Targeted Early Numeracy

Each term I try to target an area of education, this term I am focusing more on numbers.  I have preschool and year 1 so my activities are targeted at early years at the moment but could be adapted. When I am having a saturation of maths I tend to spend 2 minutes ever 45 to 60 minutes to quickly do one quick question.  Any moment between activities and at the end of the day finish with a website.  Some weeks this is less possible but I try.  
If I am not having a saturated focus on this then I tend to spend 10 minutes per day.

PINTEREST is a great place to get ideas... there is a load more which I have used but these are this weeks favourites.

RESOURCE: Wild Australia Number Cards

Number recognition
We have these great Number cards which have numeral, word and pictures.  Although it is not a ten frames I find it great for number recognition and an opportunity to put in order Numbers 1-20.  I love that it is the NSW font. 

Before and After
I use these card for before and after which I find for teen numbers is crucial to practice.
The back of these cards have pictures and numbers to play dominoes.  We don’t play this a lot as it takes time but if we finish the weeks work early or have some days in the schoolroom with no programmed work. 
Making Numbers
Using these I then get the child to make the number on a ten frame.

RESOURCE: We Know Tens Frames

These are great for number recognition of words.  I love flashing these or dropping them in a pile and we all work together to sort. 

I often hold them up and cover the number and ask  the child to read the word… they can use the ten frame to count. 

Will often hold one up and ask how many blank spaces or how many dots. 

I am not a great fan of looking at the computer screen a lot in the primary years of schooling but it is a necessary evil for many reasons.  I usually give the students just 10-15 minutes on one of these maths sites and would have 10-15minutes on a literacy based site such as reading eggs or RAZ kids.
Through experience I have discovered if you can get the kids doing one of these once each day on top of normal work they will have far more confidence.  At the start it is often a good thing to look through the activities and choose the one carefully according to knowledge.  If they get more than half wrong then they weren’t ready.
I also use them as a reward which is a great idea.  Also great practice for multi-age classrooms as it can give you time with other children and give them an opportunity to practice skills that sometimes get missed.

Such a brilliant site and I quite often choose activities based on our units of work or somethink that needs practise.  I encourage the fact that mistakes means you are learning. 

TEN Frame

This has quite a few different types of games and my year one student loves it as a reward.  We sometimes use the game questions with our own physical ten frame. Great way for the student to mix it up.

Count Me In Too

Great NSW Curriculum website with handy games to do with many areas of maths.  I have used it with all ages but probably something I use as a change from Mathletics.  

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