Etiquette: Being an IN HOME CARER or GOVERNESS means planning daily activities and caring for the children

If your primary role is to supervise the children in the schoolroom then it will pretty clear on what you need to do within a day.  You will still need to do extra research and be prepared but you will be supplied with the basics.

If you are not in the classroom then your Carers role will be different.  You may have a job where the parent is in the classroom and you are responsible for the younger students care.  You need to be able to provide, plan and research preschool activities for the children.  Each employer will have a different expectation but you should be providing them with stimulation that doesn’t involve mechanical or electronic devices.   Plan at least one sporty activity, one quiet time activity and one learning activity a day.

“In Home Care does not require the Carer to have any knowledge or understanding of early childhood education or development and they are not required to bring resources or materials to do activities with the children, so it has been my experience that the Carer often thinks that watching the children's channels on Austar with the children all day is OK - since they can't do housework!  The point is, that if they are not capable of doing appropriate childcare, then they need to do something in order to earn their wage - and it may well be housework.” quote from parent