Story: Another day and another ALTERCATION

Recently a mother looking for a governess said to me "we are having some altercations at the moment"

If I had a dollar for every time a teaching mother or governess had said that to me or I had said that to a them I'd own an island in the Caribbean...drink cocktail with a handsome waiter attending my every need.

I love the word altercations and use it on a regular basis.  It certainly beats saying we had a stand up, toe to toe, humdinger of a fight/argument or saying the child was a naughty little feral turd.

In the Distance Education world it can mean so many things that usually require 5 o'clock drinks to recover. 

My daily altercations are with an 8 year old who still thinks he can get away with things he did when he was 5 years old.   Upper primary students usually don't create many altercations but when we do it is usually a strong verbal stoush the require teacher or parental negotiations.  OR the word because I said and I am the boss, nothing like a dictatorship to make life simpler.

You're not alone - after fourteen years I still have altercations, of course now that I run a dictatorship they happen less often.  :)

Current Schoolroom Configuration...on a messy morning just arriving in the schoolroom

This is my end of the schoolroom.  The kids love coming to work at the front of my desk it is the best treat ever,  The computer desk is positioned so I can see it but the kids up the other end can't when each is on lessen.  White board on the back wall so everyone can be working at their desk and copy off is.  

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